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Herbal Tea BP
Memo Plus Tea

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About Us        

Perusahaan Bumi Tulin Sdn Bhd, with the collaboration of Nilgiris group of Companies in India is dedicated in promoting natural health products which is beneficial to all mankind. In conjunction to that, we proudly present a wide range of herbal products which is safe to use, proven effectiveness yet almost nil in side effects.

Established more that a decade ago, Perusahaan Bumi Tulin Sdn. Bhd, has been trusted by Malaysian in providing the best quality herbal products in the market. Bearing this in mind, the range of products that are brought to us carefully researched of its benefits and its volubility in the market.

These are about 16 over herbal products been marketed by our company through its retail network comprising, which conclude of more than 1,500 retailers nationwide including hypermarkets, supermarkets, pharmaceuticals, cash and carry, mini markets and medicine halls.

These retailers are supported by effective advertising campaigns and an efficient distribution network. we also hold regular radio talk shows to increase the awareness and importance of herbs and herbal products among Malaysians.



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