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Nilgiris Ashwaganda Tea       


Product Benefits

Ashwagandha, which is also known as the ‘Ginseng of India', is reputed to be one of the most precious ayurvedic medicine ever. The leaves and root of this plant known as Withinia Somnifera, was used since 2500 years ago, to cure various type of ailments as well as to enhance health and vitality.

Ashwaganda roots which tastes sour, bitter and acidic works by increasing body temprature, vigour as well as increases sex drive. It also greatly helps in cases of insomnia and the growth of new cells in the body.

Ashwaganda leaves on the other hand is used for swelling, eyesore and for fevers. It also increases vitality, strengthens muscles and increases sperm count. Leprosy and sexually related diseases can be treated with it as well.

Ingredients Include:
Withania Somnifera (radix) 60%
Camellia Sysnesis (foluim) 40%

Preparation Method:
Take one teaspoonful (2grs) of the Ashwaganda Herbal Tea and boil it in a cup of hot water for 6 minutes, filter the essence and drink.

Recommended Dosage:
One cup in the morning and night after food.

(a) Do not exceed the stated dose.
(b) On administration the traditional Medicine, 
     if any hypersensitivity, consult a physician.
(c) Keep out of reach of children.
(d) Keep in cool dry place.

Recommended Retail Price:
RM 42.00

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