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Pril Utensil Cleaners       


“If you want a lot, wash your dishes with Pril”

Often, it is the simplest of advertising slogans that will stick in the minds of consumers. The word “lot” has long since come to mean more than the outstanding product properties and high yield of Pril, Germany’s No. 1 hand dishwashing detergent.

There is the right Pril for every preference and for every dishwashing need.



Some of the advantages of using Pril Liquid over bars are as follows (as told by the consumers)

  • Soft on Hands: Pril Liquid has pH balanced that keeps the skin soft and smooth. Unlike the bar which makes your skin rough and uneven, Pril Liquid is skin friendly making your skin silky-smooth and glossy.

  • No Residue: This is one of the biggest distress factors that everyone, who uses the bars, faces post dish washing. This is the whitish sedimentation that settles on the vessels after they dry. Most of the people wash them again to remove this residue. Pril liquid is the best solution for such a problem, it leaves no white sedimentation after drying as a result, one gets sparkling dishes that are completely clean.

  • Superior Degreasing: Pril has the double power of Lime+ Vinegar. Lime cleans out the toughest grease and burnt stains while vinegar removes residual food odours.

  • Non Messy: Usually the dish wash area is extremely messy as the bars or the powder gets soggy hence making the place look untidy. Pril with its sleek packaging and patented cap make it look premium and it is extremely to use. There are two ways to sparkling dishes:

  • For tough grease, pour just one drop of Pril on to the scrubber and apply on the utensil

  • For regular cleaning, dilute a few drops of Pril in a bowl of water. Dip the scrubber in the solution and use. For re use, just dampen the sponge and use when required. 

Recommended Retail Price:
500ml - RM 4.90

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