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Nilgiris Garcinia Tea      


Product Benefits:

Losing weight is one area that has been much focused on lately. It is no wonder as most magazines do show off some of the best figures! To some it is a natural appearance whereas to others it takes much effort and that too with near starvation and hours on the treadmill!!

Nilgiris tea has specially formulated an herbal concoction, which is the perfect solution to natural weight loss!

It is formulated with Garcinia, which is billed by health magazines as the biggest breakthrough in natural weight loss in decades! (American Medical Journal, Human Obesity Sciences Publications, International Obesity Medical Symposium, Tribune Medical Report, Clinical Case Study Report, TheBariaterie Medical Journal)

Ingredients Include:
Garcina Cambojia (Leaf Extract) 30%
Camellia Sysnesis 70%

Preparation Method:
Add 1 teaspoon of Nilgiris Tea for each 1 cup of hot water.
Twice a day, before breakfast and dinner

Recommended Retail Price:
RM 30.00

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